Compassionate and comprehensive addiction treatment for adults and teens in South Dakota

For almost 40 years, Keystone Recovery Center has provided life-changing residential care for individuals who are struggling with addiction. Trusted and highly regarded by therapists and doctors, we offer specialized and focused programs, including a renowned and respected Native American program.

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We employ experienced professionals in order to provide the highest quality care.

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Preview a typical day of activities in treatment at Keystone Treatment Center.


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Native American

Our specialty program is specific for Native American patients.

A Message from our Director

A Message from our Director

"Welcome to the Keystone Treatment Center website, and thank you for taking a few moments to learn a bit about our program. As you may already know, Keystone offers residential and outpatient treatment for adults, young adults, and adolescents who are struggling to overcome alcoholism, drug addiction, or compulsive gambling. This website provides a great deal of information about the many features and benefits of our program, so I won’t take up too much of your time recounting them all here." Read more

Our Philosphy

We are committed to providing to provide a full continuum of high-quality, cost-effective health care services in an atmosphere of integrity, respect, and accountability. From detox through continuing care, our patient-focused treatment plans are customized to meet the unique needs of every person who chooses to heal with us. We also recognize that the disease of addiction touches more than just the affected individual. Family, friends, other loved ones, must receive and provide support if treatment is to be successful. Read more



“I can’t begin to list the many ways that my life has improved since the day I discovered Keystone. Every day I give thanks for the help I received when I was at my lowest point.”