Native American

Keystone has a Native American program that addresses the traditional values of the Native American patient We recognize the uniqueness of the Native American patient and are sensitive to the culture in the treatment process. Our staff includes Native American counselors as well as Native American Cultural and Spiritual advisors.

Keystone has a sweat lodge on their grounds. Our cultural advisors facilitate Inipi purification ceremonies held there. They also lead talking circle, smudging with sage for prayers and honorings. They also introduce patients to the Red Road and Wellbriety programs Keystone has a Native American Advisory Committee that provides direction on Native American culture, tradition and history. This committee is comprised of Native American staff with consultation provided by elders and leaders from the area Native American community. Keystone provides a healing and sensitivbe family program. There is no charge for the family program as we feel family healing is a vital part of the recovery process. Keystone encourages each individual to make a plan, recognize their personal worth and accept the help and guidance of their Native Culture as they move through recovery. This holistic healing process begins with finding one’s identity and addressing the physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, and family needs of the individual.
To speak with an intake counselor about our Native American Program, please call 800-992-1921.

Cultural Program Activities

(Led by Native American Resource Committee)

Under the direction of our Native American coordinator, the following activities are located on Keystone’s grounds:

Adult Unit
• Purification Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) – every week weather permitting.
• Talking Circle – every Friday and whenever requested during the week.
• Red Road videos and discussion.
• Cultural assessment first week of treatment.
• Individual sessions with a cultural adviser.
• Singing at key chain event to honor completion of treatment.
• Song and prayer when one is having a hard time because of feelings due to death or loss, etc.
• Encouragement to work the program, look at self, feel ones feelings, learn and grow in all areas.
• Cultural lectures by a member of the Resource Committee.
• Twelve Step work.
Adolescent Unit
• Individual sessions with cultural advisers or resource committee members.
• Spiritual advising.
• Purification Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) – every Friday.
• Cultural assessment.
• Singing at key chain event to honor completion of treatment.
• Song and prayer when one is having a hard time due to death in family, loss, etc.
• Encouragement to walk the Red Road, live in balance.
• Twelve Step work.

We will make every effort to respect the traditions of the various tribes and clans that are represented in treatment and meet the spiritual needs of all our patients.

Native American Advisory Council

Keystone also sponsors a Native American Advisory Council which is comprised of tribal leaders, Native American Counselors, Healthcare Providers, and Native American Human Resource and Employee Assistance Professionals. The Council’s mission is “to assist Keystone in establishing a culturally sensitive healing process for all cultures.”

The objectives of the council are to be a liaison between Keystone and the various tribal agencies, to provide direction to Keystone on Native American culture, customs, and history for the betterment of the Native American treatment process, and to assist in developing action plans, as indicated, for future treatment needs of the Native American patient.

I am a certified substance abuse counselor working with adolescents at Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center on the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. I have been working here for 5 ½ years and I have referred numerous clients to Keystone Treatment Center during this time. I have been able to send clients to the adolescent and adult programs and the service and support I have received has been remarkable. The staff are always positive and knowledgeable about the work they perform. I have peace of mind when I send my clients to Keystone knowing they are receiving quality care and they are being supported with their cultural traditions while some clients might be introduced to their cultural traditions for the first time. The staff are sensitive to the cultural needs of my clients. The family program Keystone has incorporated is an excellent tool to help our families begin the healing process when they return home. Although most of our families cannot travel that long distance, Keystone has found a way through telephone contact to make the family program work. I have enjoyed the friendliness and positive atmosphere that Keystone has to offer myself and my clients during their difficult journey to remaining alcohol and drug-free. Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to express my thoughts about Keystone’s Treatment program and what they have to offer. Hope it is not too long, let me know and I can see about condensing it. I did my best to keep it short and sweet but I wanted to address everything they had to offer and give positive feedback about their quality of care.
Lisa Mohawk, BS CSAC, Adolescent AODA Counselor Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center

I have worked for White Earth Substance Abuse as a chemical dependency counselor going on 9 years and have sent my clients (adults and adolescents) to Keystone Treatment Center for treatment. I have had a great experience in talking to the facility and always enjoy the conversations and the professionalism of them getting to know my clients and there needs when entering the program.

My clients have returned home in recovery feeling good and ready to use the tools they have learned in Keystone and to take charge of there lives without alcohol or drugs.

I also have had a privilege in meeting Tony Pace in marketing who has made me feel good knowing my clients are getting there needs meet. Sincerely,
Jane Fox, Counselor Assessor

In 15 years of referrals I have been so grateful for Keystone Treatment Center and their staff who are committed, caring, respectful and very accommodating with every aspect of admission and treatment of our Native American clients. Incorporating Traditional Cultural Ceremony with their treatment modalities contributes to the success of our Native American people in attaining and maintaining their road to recovery from alcohol and drugs. This cultural component is crucial for our Native American people to heal from intergenerational trauma and addiction by helping them find self-respect, connect with spirituality and regain cultural pride in their individual Tribal affiliations. Our Native Spirituality is a way of life based on sobriety and Keystone Treatment Programs help our People begin their new journey in life one step at a time. From my heart I want to say thank you to all Keystone staff for caring, believing and helping our People win this latest war they have to fight.
Arlene Kashata, Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor and Odawa Elder